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Christmas 2019!

It’s that wonderful time of year again and we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for all of your custom throughout 2019, we look forward to working with you throughout 2020 and beyond! It has been a fantastic year for us here at Bailey Ltd – we launched our new range of Hydraulic Oil and Fuel Tanks, and have had the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects with some of our valued customers.

We have some exciting plans for 2020 too so watch this space!!

This year we will be closed from 1pm on Monday 23rd December, and will reopen again on Friday 3rd January 2020

Merry Christmas Everybody, from all at Bailey Ltd

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Tank FAQ

Tank FAQ

In this post you will find everything you need to know about our ever expanding range of Hydraulic Oil Tanks and Combination Tanks.

What type of tanks are available from Bailey Ltd?

We can manufacture all types of tanks for diesel and also hydraulic oil. We stock generic tanks but also offer a bespoke tank design service to meet your requirements.

What is the difference between a hydraulic tank and a combination tank?

A Combination Tank is used on a vehicle when there isn’t sufficient space on a chassis to fit a hydraulic tank, so the original fuel tank is removed and replaced with a tank that has two sections – one for Oil and one for Diesel
A Hydraulic Tank would be fitted in an existing space on a vehicle chassis to contain Hydraulic Oil only

What types of applications can these tanks be used for?

The purpose of the tanks are to use tipping gear, which can be used for many types of work including tipping, tip/walking floor, ejector trailer and tipper-tanker.

Fuel tanks can be used for vehicles to increase fuel capacity and also to run diesel engines on trailers

How do I know what size tank I will need?

A combination tank would usually be on a maximum capacity basis to ensure as much fuel as possible for enabled. Normally we work around the 190 Litre mark for tipping gear, but can happily advise on any requirements you many need for different applications and we could also advise and measure your vehicle to accommodate a tank fitment

What type of tank do I need?

This depends on what kind of work you are doing. Usually, if you have a gap on the side of your chassis we would manufacture a side mounted tank. The other options are combination tank to replace the fiel cell or we can offer a rear of cab option depending on the position of your fifth wheel

Do Bailey Hydraulic Tanks come with a guarantee?

Yes, as long as the tank has been fitted correctly and used for the intended purpose of the design they come with a 2 year warranty

What are Bailey tanks made from?

Our tanks are made from Transport 5251 Grade Aluminium – cut, folded and welded in our workshop to your requirements

How are tanks fitted to the vehicle?

All tanks are supplied with black mounting brackets and straps with rubbers pre-assembled. Side mounted tanks are bolted to the side rail of the chassis, rear of cab tanks are clamped or bolted to the top of the chassis (depending on the vehicle type)

Do you supply a fitting service?

Yes, we can fit all types of fuel and oil tanks for you. We are also able to add a range of fittings to your requirements such as alloy bosses for 1/4″ bsp to 3″ bsp, level gauges and tank mounted return filters if required

What is the best way to maintain a tank?

The most important factor is to ensure the straps are tightened periodically to 55-60nm. We recommend this is done weekly. We would also recommend you replace any perished or slit rubbers to straps or brackets and ensure the breathable cap is kept in a good condition (keep it clean so the tank can breathe when in use)

What else can you manufacture?

We can also manufacture combination tank toolboxes. These can either be hydraulic or fuel tank toolboxes

Do you offer painting/powdercoating options?

Yes, we offer a range of options for personalising your tank – please just contact us to discuss your requirements

View our Hydraulic Tanks here and our Combination Tanks here. Or, for further information please contact us.

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Bailey Combination Tanks

Following our recent announcement introducing our Hydraulic Oil Tank range to you, we are now very excited to announce that we gained Type Approval Certification via the VCA for the manufacture of Fuel Tanks! Approval Documentation is available to download here

This means we are now able to offer for sale our own range of Bailey Combination (fuel and oil) Tanks! Alongside our range of standard Hydraulic Tanks, we now stock and supply the following:-

• 550 Litre Combination Tank (350D/200H)
• 600 Litre Combination Tank (400D/200H)

Bespoke sizes are also available on a quotation basis.

All of our tanks consist of a 4mm Aluminium pressed and welded shell, and come supplied with a filler breather cap, outlet flange, return flanges and all brackets and straps required. We can either supply and fit the tanks, or we are able to supply the tanks in kit form for self-fitting. Optional extras include treadplate top plates and steps as required.

Our standard size tanks are as follows:

Bailey Combination Tanks

These products are supplied with a 2 year Tank Guarantee and 1 year Hydraulic Guarantee. All of our tanks are manufactured in house and undergo rigorous testing prior to despatch/fitting.

View our Hydraulic Tanks here and our Combination Tanks here

If you would like further information, or a no-obligation quote, please contact our sales team.

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Customer Photos

We at Bailey Ltd have been in the Truck Customisation business for over 30 years but still love seeing our products out and about on customer vehicles, displayed with pride!

We are always more than happy to share your photos with our followers, and have a selection of photos displayed in our Photo Gallery online. Whether it’s a full Bailey catwalk, side skirts, perimeter lights or accessories such as mirror guards and lollipops we would love to feature your vehicles on our website.

If you would like to feature, please send a photograph of your vehicle featuring Bailey Truck Accessories and we will upload them for all to see! You can simply send them to us on our Facebook page, or email

Here are some examples of customer photos received recently:

customer photos - archibald 1

Nicholas Ewan Archibald’s vehicle featuring two bespoke Illuminated Grill Inserts

customer photos - archibald

Nicholas Ewan Archibald’s vehicle featuring two bespoke Illuminated Grill Inserts

customer photos - lockwood

Ian Bailey’s vehicle featuring a bespoke Number Plate Sign with his company name – LOCKWOOD in yellow

 james mallon

James Mallons’ vehicle featuring Laser cut Volvo Mirror Guards and 3 in 1 Perimeter Lights

 allan holt

Allan Holt’s impressive Mercedes featuring 3 in 1 Perimeter Sides

customer photos - gary sym

Gary Sym’s vehicle featuring our Grill Inserts with 5 LEDs

Send us your photos to feature in our online gallery!

For further information, or a no-obligation quote, contact us here

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Introducing our 200 Litre Slimline Universal Tank

Introducing our 200 Litre Slimline Universal Hydraulic Tank!

Dimensions excluding brackets
1500mm (L) x 800mm (H) x 188mm (D)

Product Code: TAHB200US

Our new 200 Litre Slimline Universal Hydraulic Oil Tank is universal, which means it will suit a huge range of vehicles and is designed to be mounted at the rear of the cab.

We have designed this tank to be manufactured from a 4mm Aluminium pressed and welded shell to offer significant weight savings over other Hydraulic Tanks. Each tank comes supplied with a Filler Breather Cap, Outlet Flange, Return Flanges, Mounting Frame and all Brackets and Straps required. As an optional extra we are also able to offer treadplate top panels.

Optional Treadplate Top Plate

Each 200 Litre Slimline Universal Tank features a grab handle for easier manoeuvring, and the tank can either be clamped to the chassis frame or strapped to the side of the chassis.

The Connector Plate can either be mounted high level or low level, and the bottom mounting brackets are adjustable to facilitate various chassis widths.

Connector Plate shown at low level

All of our tanks are subjected to testing by our skilled engineers prior to either fitting the unit, or securely despatching it to you, to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Rear view of tank showing Return Flanges and Channel to mount electric wiring and air pipes

Bailey Ltd also supply and fit hydraulic motive unit equipment for all applications or we can supply it in kit form for self-fit.

These hydraulic tanks are supplied with a 1 year Hydraulics Guarantee and 2 year Tank Guarantee.

If you would like further information, or a no-obligation quote, please contact us