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Nene Transport – Scania New Gen S-Cab

Nene Transport brought this fantastic Scania New Gen to us for the following work:-

  • Rear Headboard 
  • High Bar
  • Side Bars 
  • Rear Bar 
  • 3 Piece Bailey Catwalk in Plain Aluminium with Tread Plate Walk Way 
  • Rear Infill
  • Infill under the Fifth Wheel 
  • 3 in 1 Perimeter kit 
  • Rear Multi Bar with LEDs and Worklights
  • Powder coated Wing infills with LEDs
  • Stainless Steel Mirror Guards

If you would like a no-obligation quotation or further information please contact us

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Central Demolition – Volvo FH

This Volvo FH came to us from Central Demolition for a long list of work! The final product is an incredibly impressive vehicle!

Work carried out was as follows:-

  • Rear Infill with Illuminated Air Tank Cover and Reverse Camera
  • Wing Infills
  • 3 Piece Bailey Catwalk
  • Side Skirts with Stainless Steel Steps, Top Strips and Illuminated Side Bars
  • Stainless Steel Tool Box Module with Illuminated Headboard
  • Exhaust Tail Pipe and Exhaust Shield
  • 3 in 1 (Stop/Tail/Indicator) Perimeter Kit with Rear Illuminated Headboard
  • High Bar with LED Strobes
  • Hella 220 Grill Pod with Coloured Logo
  • Step Lights
  • Grill Mounted Strobes
  • Air Horns
  • Number Plate Holders
  • Wing Strips
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank for Tip/Walking Floor Application
  • Painted Wings, Air Deflector, Air Box, Mirrors, Front Grill and Bumper

For a price, or further information, please contact us

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C & H Roberts – Scania R 8 Wheeler

The work carried out on this Scania R 8 Wheeler Vehicle for C & H Roberts included the following:-

  • Rear Number Plate Holders with LEDs and Strobes
  • Personalised Perimeter Kit with 3in1 Lights and Bespoke Top Strip
  • Rear Bar with Spotlights with red Backlights, 2 Strobes and 5 LEDs in the bar
  • Illuminated Cab Step Trims
  • Lazer Lamp Grill Insert
  • Blue Lights under top two Cab Steps
  • Lights in Toolbox
  • Amber Lights added along lower side of body
  • White LEDs in Grill Trims
  • Top Bar with LEDs, 2 Laser Lamps, Illuminated Name Board and 2 Strobes
  • 2 Strobes in front lift up grill and 2 lower fixed grill
  •  Under Bumper Bar with 5 x white LEDs along the front of the grill and 2 amber LEDs each side
  • 2 Strobes in each side of rear of cab deflector
  • TV Aerial and Bracket
  • Scene lights added to various parts of the vehicle body

If you would like a no-obligation quote or any further information please contact us.

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Essex International – Scania

This Scania came to us from Essex International for the works!

We manufactured and fit the following items:-  

  • Bailey Full Catwalk System – Catwalk and Infills
  • Bailey Infills – Over Tanks (between Axles)
  • Bailey Side Bars with LEDs
  • Bailey S/S Number Plate Holders
  • Bailey Hella LED Perimeter Lights (Full Kit)
  • Bailey S650 Stainless Steel Illuminated ‘A’ Frame                              
  • Bailey design Top Rear of Cab ‘Essex’ Light Box
  • Bailey Cover over Scania Aircon Box (rear of cab)
  • Bailey Scania covers over rear cab airbags                            
  • Illuminated Name Board              
  • Stainless Fire Box and Box below                                                                              
  • 2no Bailey strobes in top spar of grill as per previous
  • ‘Super’ badge
  • 4no white LED lights behind grill
  • Chain Tray

We also fit the following items:-

  • Kelsa Low Bar                    
  • Kelsa Top Bar with LEDs, Spotlights and Clear Rotating Beacons                  
  • Hadley Horns (2 on each side)
  • Kelsa Mini XL Bar for bottom grill