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Tiptree – Mercedes

We recently completed some work on this fantastic Mercedes for Tiptree. Our customer was nice enough to send us the following feedback

“Can I say what a fantastic job you and your guys have done on our lorry, I love the little touches like the Tiptree Logo on the Susie holder & using that colour in the background on the Mercedes & Tipree stainless very tasteful.”

Kevin King, Transport Manager

A huge thank you to Tiptree for their continued custom!

If you would like further information or a no-obligation quote please contact us.

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Tick’s Haulage – Volvo FH Version 4

The work completed on this Volvo FH Version 4 included the following:-

  • Main Toolbox on nearside
  • Two Chain Boxes to fit behind rear wheels
  • Lightbar to fit behind Cab at rear
  • Side bars to fit on sides between axles and downlighters
  • Front light panel with laser lights
  • A-frame panel with Volvo logo
  • Water tank on nearside
  • Chassis Infills in stainless steel and alloy
  • Box on top of toolbox
  • Footplate box on Driver’s side
  • Stainless steel Grab Handle
  • Rear Mudflap support with lights

If you would like further information or a price please do not hesitate to contact us

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Andrew Hankins – Scania New Gen ‘R’ Series

Andrew Hankins brought this Scania New Generation ‘R’ Series vehicle to our workshop in Wisbech for the following customisation:-

  • A-frame with ‘Scania R500’ backlit logo and 6 x LEDs
  • Full Perimeter Kit with Hella LEDs
  • Centre Infill
  • Rear Infill in Alloy treadplate
  • Tank Covers
  • Fitted Hibar with Hella 320s and LEDs
  • Fitted 37.5″ Air Horns

If you have any questions regarding this or would like a no-obligation quote please contact us

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C & H Roberts – Scania 8 Wheeler

A huge thank you to C & H Roberts for their continued custom. Here are some photographs of the most recent project we completed for them on their impressive Scania 8 Wheeler!

Work completed was as follows:-

  • Supply and Fit 3in1 Combination Light Perimeter Kit with a Top Rear Panel featuring Strobes and Illuminated name
  • TV Aerial Bracket and Booster with lights in toolbox
  • Worklamps and 2 x Number Plate Holders
  • Supply and Fit Marker Lights down the side of vehicle body, 2 x Strobes in each side of rear cab deflector
  • Make up and fit bespoke top bar with LEDs, Strobes, Illuminated Name Board and Lazer Lamps
  • Make up and fit Under Bumper Bar with LEDs
  • Supply and Fit LEDs in Front Grill, Lazer lamp in Lower Grill
  • Supply and Fit Blue LEDs in cab step wells and Bailey Step Bars

If you would like a price or further information on any of the items above please contact us

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Nene Transport – Scania New Gen S-Cab

Nene Transport brought this fantastic Scania New Gen to us for the following work:-

  • Rear Headboard 
  • High Bar
  • Side Bars 
  • Rear Bar 
  • 3 Piece Bailey Catwalk in Plain Aluminium with Tread Plate Walk Way 
  • Rear Infill
  • Infill under the Fifth Wheel 
  • 3 in 1 Perimeter kit 
  • Rear Multi Bar with LEDs and Worklights
  • Powder coated Wing infills with LEDs
  • Stainless Steel Mirror Guards

If you would like a no-obligation quotation or further information please contact us