Catwalks and Chassis Infills

Catwalks and Chassis Infills

Here at Bailey Ltd we manufacture our own vehicle Catwalks and Chassis Infills for almost any vehicle. A range of designs and finishes are available to ensure the catwalk meets the customer’s needs – whether that is a textured surface to reduce slipping or a full catwalk with matching infills to create a large, flat working area. 

Our Full Catwalks are typically 3 piece systems, and we are able to make infills to suit most areas – the most common being behind the fifth wheel infill, wing infills and rear chassis infills.Give us your brief and we will be happy to come up with a solution with you.

We also understand that catwalks aren’t always created for practicality, but for aesthetic reasons too. For that reason we can offer a huge range of finishes and can also offer a painting service to match, or enhance, your vehicle’s paint job!

All of our catwalks and chassis infills are made-to-order and fitted in house by our team of skilled and experienced engineers, so you can guarantee a perfect fit and finish.

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